Values & Corporate Social Responsibility



Swagelok's Values

Since 1947, we have been a values-based company committed to doing the right thing in all cases.

Our values orientation plays out in everything from supply chain management to engineering, manufacturing, fulfilment, and sales and service.

As a privately held company, we are not under pressure for short-term financial results. In all areas of our business, we attempt to make decisions that are in the best long-term interests of our company, associates, sales and service centres, and our customers.


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Corporate Social Responsibility

As a company, we continue to increase our involvement with local charities and boards. Swagelok Central provides support to organisations such as the Bloodhound Project - contributing to the Bloodhound STEM Education programme, and providing expertise and component assemblies to ensure the car can stop from a maximum speed of 1000 miles an hour.

On an individual and group basis, our associates provide many volunteer hours and other means of support to a wide variety of causes. Our sales and service centres have a strong community focus and are active in improving the regions in which they operate.

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Energy & the Environment

Although our manufacturing output has increased significantly since 2010, our level of energy use has remained virtually the same. Recent investments in our facilities have included new LED lighting, air compressors, boilers, chillers, and other more energy-efficient equipment.

We minimise our use of hazardous chemicals by seeking safer chemicals and other materials for our manufacturing processes and products. Each year at our facilities, we recycle more than 15-million lbs. of alloys, and we divert more than 50% of general waste from landfills.

Outside our facilities, we have planted gardens of wildflowers and native grass to reduce fertiliser use and emissions from mowers.


The Bloodhound Project

Find out how Swagelok Central supported the UK's most exciting land speed project...