Oxygen Systems

Oxygen gas can be a significant hazard. That’s why at Swagelok Central UK we offer a complete oxygen system design and fabrication service to guarantee your system is compliant to industry oxygen safety guidelines and safety specifications. At every stage from the design and specification of your system to its procurement, build and installation, our experienced team of engineers will ensure that it meets the industry best practice safety standards, and outline for you exactly what you can expect from your oxygen system.

You can book an onsite visit today with our engineering team by calling us on 01454 284455 or emailing us at info@swagelokcentral.co.uk.

Swagelok Bristol Oxygen

Oxygen Fires

The greatest risk posed to oxygen systems is oxygen fires. Because of this specific hazard our Oxygen System Service addresses this potential threat and removes the risk via the following measures:

  • System Cleanliness Specifications – Mechanical and particulate impact can promote the ignition of an oxygen fire. Our engineering team will work with you to ensure your system is compliant to recognised cleaning specifications and design a maintenance plan that guarantees its cleanliness over time.
Swagelok Bristol Regulator
  •  Material Selection – Certain materials are more prone to fuel an oxygen fire than others, especially stainless steel. Not only will ensuring that your system is utilising the correct materials prevent oxygen fires, it will also improve overall system efficiency and efficacy.
  • System Operation Review – Adiabatic compression can be another source of oxygen fires. A review of system operation can highlight any areas where adiabatic compression may occur and a plan can be established and implemented to avoid this.
  • Lubrication Compatibility – Review of component selection to ensure the suitability of lubrication used with your oxygen system.

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