Seal Support Service

Thanks to the combined knowledge and experience of our talented team of engineers at Swagelok Central UK we are able to provide pre and post-installation advice and maintenance on every aspect of your system. Our Rotating Equipment Seal Support Service is a targeted evaluation that focuses on the repair and maintenance of seal support systems and lubrication skids according to API 682 and API 614 Standards and customer specific requirements. By working with you to identify your key goals and expectations of your system encompassing wet and dry seals we can help you to implement the specific solutions unique to your needs, ensuring that rotating equipment seal deterioration and safety concerns are minimised.

Our Seal Support Service functions by providing an onsite discussion with our engineers and technicians and a complete system survey. They will identify process data, and system issues, and begin the process of solution identification. We believe that issues such as incorrect installation and the difficulty to repair seals should not be an impediment to the functionality of your system and so we will work with you to address any problems and implement solutions that will ensure that your system is efficient and productive. 

You can book an onsite visit today with our engineering team by calling us on 01454 284455 or emailing us at

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Pump failures are a major cause of unplanned outages, and mechanical seals account for 39% of pump failures and 44% of pump repair costs.

During our Seal Support System evaluation our technical experts will work with you to identify the optimum design to complete standard configurations. This will ensure:

  • Highest reliability and consistent build
  • Construction and design guided by API 682
  • Work covered by the Swagelok limited lifetime warranty
  • Customised solutions to meet your plant standards
  • Swagelok supplied quality components
Seal System

Best Practice

API 682 standard improves safety reliability and performance. It is the leading 'Best Practices' document for mechanical seals petrochemical, chemical, and pipeline services worldwide.

  • Research has shown that the biggest preventative measure of mechanical seal failure is the use of effective Seal Support Systems. This means that no matter how well designed your mechanical seal or bearing systems are, without a reliable Seal Support System there is still the possibility of your mechanical seal failing.

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