Installation & Implementation Management

At Swagelok Central our team of engineering professionals utilise their extensive industry experience and knowledge to provide you with a holistic engineering solution for your system. Our Engineering Team combines Project and Design Engineers along with Estimating Engineers to provide onsite support for a range of applications including but not limited to: fluid system design, process analyser systems, grab sampling systems, instrumentation, ultra high purity gas handling systems, compressed gas systems and steam systems. Swagelok Central has the capability to deliver an industry-leading service and ensure that results are delivered on time and within budget, and that your system works consistently, reliably, and with no extra cost.

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The Swagelok Central Engineering Team also offers a comprehensive installation support service and implementation plan. By working with our team you can rest assured that your system is installed correctly and thereby avoid unnecessary operational costs from installation errors. Your implementation plan is created specifically for your system and your unique needs. This allows our Engineering Team to maximise your system’s efficiency and productivity while also eliminating the risk of system failure and ensuring that you know exactly how your system is functioning.


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Best Practice

The Swagelok Central Technical Team is always available to provide industry leading Tube Fitting and Installation Services. Our team will assess your system’s unique needs and requirements – this comprehensive assessment process examines every component of your system and benchmarks it against a best practice standard. We believe that by providing this complete service you can be safely assured that all of your system’s tube fittings meet the correct specification and installation practices.

You can book an onsite visit today with our engineering team by calling us on 01454284455 or emailing us at


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Hose Advisory Service

If Swagelok Central has already fitted and installed tubing in your system then you may be interested in our Hose Advisory Service. Click here to explore our complete post-installation care and maintenance service.