Loss of Containment Evaluation

Many facilities are subjected to loss of revenue through leakage and loss of containment - mainly due to time and
existing resources being stretched to limit.

Extending those resources through the use of Swagelok Central’s Loss of Containment Evaluations can ensure leaks
are identified in a timely manner, whilst supporting comprehensive reports quantify the cost and loss of revenue to your
facility to highlight areas for improvement.

Identify. Improve. Move Forwards.

Swagelok Central are experts in compressed gas and fluid systems from design to implementation and maintenance. Our in-depth knowledge and years of experience ensures we understand how your system should be functioning within a wide range of scenarios and applications.

Our Loss of Containment Evaluation Service is a post-installation assessment that allows us to ensure your system is functioning exactly as it should without any ongoing safety or efficiency issues.

From pressure loss and gas leaks to moisture in your system, our engineering team will provide a comprehensive assessment of your system’s functionality and possible areas for improvement.

Photography-Field Engineer110


ES101 - Loss of Contamination Evaluation - Acoustic Imaging-1


Acoustic Technology. Advanced Reports.

Used as an alternative to ultrasonic detection systems, Swagelok Central's acoustic technology enables clear visualisation of location and severity of critical fluid system leaks. Enhanced quality of reporting can also be achieved using this technology and therefore reduce the timescales involved with improvements or processes of change, as well as:

- Combat Rising Energy Costs
- Improve Health and Safety
- Identify Training Needs

Download Loss of Containment Evaluation information using the form below:

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