At Swagelok Central we believe in providing the absolute best in training programmes and services. That’s why all of our industry training courses are conducted by certified experts in their fields, and are constantly updated as new technology and techniques are developed. From training courses on Tube Bending & Installation, Sample System Design and Maintenance, to Orbital Weld Certification and Steam Trap System Design, we aim to provide you with the skills and expertise necessary to operate and maintain your equipment that otherwise may take years to grow and develop. All of our courses are conducted over multiple days and provide you with a thorough hands-on training experience. To find out more about our Training Services offerings click on one of the links below.

Swagelok Bristol Tube Bending Training

Tube Bending and Installation

Optimise your installations, suitable for installers, technicians, fabricators, engineers and managers this course ensures you have hands-on training and experience designing and constructing tubing runs for process and analytical instrumentation systems 

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Swagelok Bristol Orbital Welding Training

Orbital Welding

 An advanced course where you will learn orbital welding skills and achieve consistent and quality welds with the Swagelok M200 orbital welder alongside writing weld procedure. Swagelok M200 Orbital Welding and ASME IX Certification course for manual and orbital welding allows you to become a codified welder.

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Tracing Leak

Steam Trap Systems

Steam Trap Systems course provides you with in-depth instruction adn on-site hands on training providing invaluable skills and experience in identifying, sizing and inspecting steam traps

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Swagelok Bristol Sampling Systems

Sample System Maintenance

Sampling System Problem Solving and Maintenance Training Program (SSM) specifically designed for analyser technicians, maintenance personnel and those new to sampling systems,

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Swagelok Bristol Process Analyser

Process Analyser Sampling Systems

 A 5 day PASS Training Course in the absolute essentials in maintaing your sampling system, including design and build, diagnosing transport problems including time delay of liquids and gases, calculating pressure drop and much more...

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Tube Preparation Video - A short insight into the quality of our training.

In this video you can learn proper tube preparation... for free!