Hose Advisory Service

At Swagelok Central UK we specialise in optimising fluid systems and their various components across a range of industries. Our Hose Advisory Service evaluates your system to ensure that your hose and flexible tubing is safely installed and that your fluid system is working efficiently and lasts as long as possible. With more than 100 years of combined experience in hose and tubing systems, our trusted and knowledgeable team of Technical Experts and Field Engineers are available to evaluate your system and your unique needs. From increasing yield and improving machine availability to decreasing repair times and failures, our Hose Advisory Service helps you reduce cost as well as minimise the risk of potential hazards and safety issues.

Swagelok Bristol Hoses and Flexible Tubing

Choosing the Correct Solution

With so many options let us help you to ensure the correct hose with the correct end connections. Combine the right choice and you will be rewarded with long service life (Swagelok hose endurance guarantee) and high performance. 

Kinking, excessive wear and end connection damage are just some of the issues faced when using hose, however the range of materials and flexibility is invaluable in many applications and tight spaces. A preventative approach to hosing issues mitigates the risk of breakdown which is costly. The flexible nature of hosing leads to improper installation and incorrect materials for the required application. 

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Chemical Refinery Industry

Replacement for Longevity

Looking to replace hoses that are causing costly downtime? We can review, optimise and recommend the correct hosing solution. 

  • Reduce Maintenance Costs
  • Increase Safety
  • Drive facilities efficiencies
  • Extend Hose Life
  • Master Hose Maintenance

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Swagelok Bristol Hoses

Hose made Your Way

Our hose is supplied with your required connections and materials. Push-on end connections allow for easy field installation. 

Connections include;

  • Tube fittings
  • Tube adapters
  • Male NPT fittings
  • Male ISO/BSP 

Easy field-installation with push-on end connections. Including Tube fittings, Tube adapters, male NPT fittings, male ISO/BSP tapered fittings and unions.