Steam System Evaluation

In order to ensure that your steam system is running at optimum efficiency trust Swagelok Central to provide a comprehensive Steam System Evaluation Service. This service is provided by our team of knowledgeable and highly experienced field engineers and utilises a complete assessment process to fully gauge your system’s needs and functionalities. Employing a range of cutting edge tools including thermal cameras and ultrasonic measuring instrumentation, our engineering team is able to quickly and comprehensively identify issues in your steam system and work with you through root cause analysis, to suggest and implement the right solutions for you. Not only does our evaluation service identify potential problems it can also provide a range of other benefits from increasing efficiency and output to reducing boiler load and improving process yields

From excessive loss of steam to leaks and low yield quality, we know that steam systems require precise installation and maintenance. Our evaluation service will identify these issues and develop solutions that will lead to reduced emissions and energy loss, thereby improving operating profit and efficiencies. By ensuring that your system’s process is reliable and consistent we can also guarantee that productivity, safety, and efficiency are maximised.

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Our Approach

We have the capability of reviewing a complete system or any individual element

  •  Complete steam systems
    • Distribution systems
    • Heat transfer units
    • Steam process applications
    • Condensate recovery systems
  • Steam generating systems
    • Boilers
    • Burners and controls
    • Deaerators
    • Turbines
  • Condensate System
    • Medium/High pressure condensate systems
    • Condensate recovery systems
    • Skid pumping systems (engineering and design)
    • Steam Trap Surveys (in-depth)

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Swagelok Bristol Evaluation Reports


From condensate removal, flash steam recovery to eliminating water hammer... we provide detailed, comprehensive reports and personal attention to assist you with design, engineering, project management, system analysis and problem solving.

Swagelok Energy Advisors, Inc. (SEA)

SEA professional Audit results -

  • Higher product quality
  • Less production downtime
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Reduced emissions
  • Lower maintenance expenses
  • Improved worker safety
  • Assured performance in line with design specifications
  • Bottom-line increases in productivity with lower operating costs