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At Swagelok Central we work closely with our customers to develop a business partnership by understanding their processes, applications, business challenges and required outcomes and developing impactful solutions that work.

The testimonials cited here are from a range of customers - some of whom we are unable to name due to privacy codes within their businesses.    

Swagelok Bristol Technical Training Room


"I am much more knowledgeable and know more about what fitters do." Defence Contractor

"As a commissioning engineer, it's important when accepting systems to know how they work." Tier 1 Provider

"Will now be able to inspect Swagelok fittings myself, speeding up internal procedures." Defence Industry Engineer

"I can use this training to show others now how to install tube fittings." Tier 1 Engineer

"This course provides a good grounding of knowledge about tube systems."


John Foster - Sarum Hydraulics

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We go back to day one with Swagelok. Our call when we designed our Micropac pump back in 1982 was that you needed to make a well-engineered, quality product that was easy for Offshore and Aerospace to specify. And what a great fit the Swagelok range has been with our kit. Whether it has been fittings, valves or couplings, Swagelok has been the first port of call over all those years. It is nicely made as well, which unsurprisingly still counts for Engineers."

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Custom Solutions - From Design Through To Development.

Feedback from a Tier 1 Power Company after using our custom solutions to build hydrogen pressure reduction panels.

"Today we have completed the post modification review and final close out of the project. The operations and maintenance teams are very pleased with what we have delivered and all the expected benefits have been realised which is great.

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for your support in what must have felt like a never ending project! The first carnation of this project was back in July 2016 where the intention was to just install a double block and bleed on the existing panel, this then grew to a complete panel replacement. The final proposal that the purchase order was raised against was ‘Rev J’ which goes to show the number of technical and budgetary challenges.

The support provided by yourself throughout the design, installation and after service has been first class and we are very grateful."

Swagelok Bristol Custom Solutions

Lightfoot Defence

A solution developed by Lightfoot in collaboration with Swagelok Central helps keep the UK Ministry of Defence's (MoD) Eurofighter jet fleet operational and protected while in service.

The result of this collaboration was agreement by the MoD to purchase Lightfoot units incorporating a multitude of Swagelok products.

Swagelok Central's Custom Solutions department also proudly produces small assemblies for Lightfoot Defence projects.

Military ground personnel use the Lightfoot units to maintain the refrigerant that keeps the Eurofighter's Defensive Aids Sub-System (DASS) at precisely the right operational temperature.

To find out more about how Swagelok Central can work with you to support your needs, please call us on 01454284455 or email us at info@swagelokcentral.co.uk



Richard Walsh - A-Gas


An integral part of the A-Gas facilities are the Swagelok valves, fittings and tubing which form parts of the process equipment. These items are critical to our ability to be able to meet the demands of our customers as any downtime will have a significant impact on supply. Therefor having a reliable supplier like Swagelok who can meet our requirements for new equipment, spares and replacement parts is a very valuable differentiator for A-Gas. The Swagelok components supplied are of a high standard and very reliable in the applications we use them within. The equipment is also easy to service allowing the maintenance team at A-Gas to keep on top of their schedules for these items and focus on other critical aspects of the plant.

Case Studies

Swagelok Central will regularly update this section with new Case Studies and stories about our successes with customers and the impact our products and services have made to their organisations.

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