Engineered to Order Products (ETOP)

At Swagelok Central we understand that your system may require components that are designed to meet specific operational parameters. That’s why we provide an Engineered to Order Products (ETOP) programme. Our ETOP service allows us to design and manufacture bespoke parts that are tailor made for your system. These uniquely designed components ensure that your system is functioning precisely as you expect while guaranteeing maximum efficiency and functionality.
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Specific Problems...Specific Solutions

We understand that specific problems require specific solutions. That’s why our ETOP service has been created to provide unique parts and sub-assemblies that are designed purely for your specifications and process needs. Not only does this ensure an optimum system process but it also removes the need for multiple components from different suppliers, thereby simplifying your supply chain. 

Swagelok Bristol Engineers

Experienced Installers

Our highly qualified, experienced and certified installers and engineering team provide objective technical advice and support so that the risk of failure during assembly is eliminated. 

With a combined expertise of more than 75 years in a range of industries, you can be assured that when you work with Swagelok Central you are receiving the absolute best in technical support and parts manufacture


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To explore ETOP and what we can provide your system contact our team today.  We also provide a comprehensive post-installation service that examines every aspect of your system from performance and efficiency to safety and maintenance. To find out more about our industry-leading services call call us on 01454 284455 or email our experienced team at