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Swagelok Central has the benefit of supplying the highest quality products, strong local relationships, in depth industry knowledge, and hands-on technical and engineering expertise. Our certified technical experts and engineers have superior knowledge and understanding of ultra high purity applications, process analyser systems, grab sampling systems, analytical and measurement instrumentation, steam systems, compressed gas systems and many other types of fluid systems. Swagelok Central’s superior services and products for all gas and fluid systems will help you achieve energy and cost savings, increased yield, reliability of equipment and process, improved process accuracy, safety and compliance, and complete system optimisation. At Swagelok Central, we take our motto of "Global Best Practice Locally" seriously. We work with you to help you achieve your strategic and operational goals in a four stage approach.
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At Swagelok Central we work with customers to deeply understand the root causes of their process and system challenges using World Class evaluation techniques, technical expertise and industry knowledge. Our onsite evaluations and analysis of your fluid and gas systems, processes and applications, allow us to benchmark against global best practice and advise on how to achieve operational optimisation. Ongoing evaluations and analysis ensure you can easily assess return on investment of any improvements and changes made to your systems and processes.


Swagelok Bristol Estimating Engineer


Swagelok Central collaboratively develops sustainable solutions to process and system issues to ensure plant optimisation and efficiency, helping our customers achieve their KPIs, OEE and best practice, while reducing cost from supply chain, maintenance and operations. Our technical experts and field engineers provide detailed analysis and reports on all evaluations and develop cost effective operational solutions to your system’s issues and problems.


Swagelok Bristol Custom Solutions


Our team of experts at Swagelok Central develop solution implementation plans with measurable and actionable events that we manage for our customers, ensuring all key stakeholders are involved to achieve implementation plan outcomes on time, to budget and to required specifications. Swagelok Bristol works with you to implement any improvements or changes required, providing support with training, fabrication of sub-system assemblies and components, installations and ongoing monitoring of solutions.


Swagelok Bristol Management


At Swagelok Central we manage the improvement process from concept to solution implementation, and continue to manage and monitor system optimisation, measuring and benchmarking success to global best practice, ensuring our customers achieve a quantifiable return on investment. As your business partner, Swagelok Bristol will provide continuous monitoring and benchmarking of your systems, proactively ensuring achievement of your operational KPIs and goals. We will work with you on your fluid system projects from concept stage through to measurement of project success.

Swagelok Central UK - Your Trusted Business Partner

Swagelok Cerntral partnered with the Bloodhound Project, working as a sponsor, supplier, advisor and STEM Ambassador...


Swagelok Central Services

Swagelok Central has a dedicated team of Field Engineers selected for their expertise in fluid systems. Our Field Engineers know your systems and are experienced in all fluid system applications – from high purity processes to the most demanding systems within industries such as chemical and refining processes, oil and gas, defence and power. We have the expertise to provide you with a range of services which will independently evaluate, assess and advise you about the capabilities of your fluid system against a best in class benchmark.


Evaluation & Advisory Services

Our Evaluation & Advisory services identify and analyse system and application issues and developing innovative solutions...



Concept and Design Services

At Swagelok Central we work with you to develop the most effective designs to ensure your projects and concepts are a success...



Asset Integrity Management

Swagelok Central can support you with the maintenance and upkeep of your system, ensuring quality and success...