Value Engineering

Our Value Engineering Service identifies unnecessary costs or inefficiencies in your system and recommends engineered solutions that ensure greater value and efficiency. Whether this requires design changes or a conversion from an existing pipe system to tubing, at Swagelok Central we have the resources and engineering expertise to evaluate your needs and meet them with unique and bespoke solutions. 
Swagelok Bristol Associate Engineering


Recommendations may include measures such as;

  • improving flow routing to reduce pressure drops
  • cutting the potential for leaks by reducing the number of connections
  • simple changes in configurations to improve maintainability
  • The use of alternative products can contribute to significant value savings and increases in efficiency.



Swagelok Bristol Associate Inspection

Independent and Objective

Providing an independent and objective engineering service is very important to us. It is one of our goals at Swagelok Central to be able to reduce your costs and ensure that your system is working precisely as you expect.

To find out more about how our Value Engineering Service can help you to accomplish this call us on 01454 284455 or email our experienced team at