Procurement Optimisation

We know how critical it is to manage transaction and procurement costs in your business. At Swagelok Central UK we have the resources and experience in eProcurement and transaction systems to ensure that not only are you cutting down on unnecessary costs but also that the process is made as simple and transparent as possible. By utilising our extensive industry and technical expertise, we can ensure that all of your transactions are simple, secure, efficient and accurate. Thanks to our extensive online catalogue we can also provide you with the crucial digital resources to research, specify, and order Swagelok products online. Plus our additional digital services, including Automated Vending Equipment, allow us to tailor stocking strategies to your business’ unique needs, expectations, and forecasts.

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Supply Chain Optimisation Services

Increase efficiency and dramatically reduce cost in your supply chain by using our eProcurement solutions such as...

  • electronic invoicing
  • web purchasing with Swagelok e-Store
  • automated vending scheme
  • supporting Kanban

Using Swagelok Central's automated vending scheme you can expect savings of between 20% and 40% for mid to high volume use with consigned inventory. This system guarantees 24-hour product availability, automated purchasing, a complete audit trail and inventory replenishment to ensure you system is functioning as intended at all times. 

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Ensure efficiency

The efficiency of your operation depends on having the right fluid system components on hand if and when you need them. At Swagelok Central we understand this reality and so we hold a large inventory of components that we can provide on short lead times. Make sure that you always have the components you need with Swagelok Central.

Supply Chain 

Quality, customer focus and continuous improvement drives Swagelok's supply chain, Brent Blouch, vice president, Swagelok Company explains how our customers benefit...

Swagelok Central Services

Swagelok Central has a dedicated team of Field Engineers selected for their expertise in fluid systems. Our Field Engineers know your systems and are experienced in all fluid system applications – from high purity processes to the most demanding systems within industries such as chemical and refining processes, oil and gas, defence and power. We have the expertise to provide you with a range of services which will independently evaluate, assess and advise you about the capabilities of your fluid system against a best in class benchmark.

Evaluation & Advisory

Evaluation & Advisory Services

Our Evaluation & Advisory services focus on identifying and analysing system and application issues and developing innovative solutions...

Concept & Design

Concept and Design Services

At Swagelok Central we work with you to develop the most effective designs to ensure your projects and concepts are a success...

Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity Management

Swagelok Central can support you with the maintenance and upkeep of your system, ensuring quality and success...