Concept & Design Services

At Swagelok Central UK we understand the challenges many businesses face with the maintenance, continuous improvement and general upkeep of their system to ensure compliance. From issues of procurement and supply to safety and repairs, our Concept & Design Services aim to reduce these pressures and work with you to alleviate them as much as possible.

Our Procurement Optimisation Service helps you to simplify your chain of supply for lower ongoing costs and a more efficient system process.

The Engineered to Order Products (ETOP) programme includes various services that provide ready-made assemblies and products to be installed directly in to your system.

And our Oxygen Systems Service is a specialised plan that combines a comprehensive system audit from our Engineering Team with various mechanical and maintenance measures that ensure the prevention of oxygen fires and other associated safety risks and hazards.

Our Concept & Design services include:

Swagelok Bristol Engineered to Order

Engineered to Order Products (ETOP) 

Swagelok can design and manufacture products that are specifically engineered to meet the exact requirements of your system, contributing to greater efficiency and functionality. Specific problems require specific solutions, we provide an Engineered to Order Products (ETOP) programme. The outcome is  a system that functions precisely as you expect whilst guaranteeing maximum efficiency and functionality.

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Swagelok Bristol Oxygen System

Oxygen System Service

With significant associated hazards Swagelok Central offer a complete oxygen system design and fabrication service. This service guarantee's your system is compliant to industry oxygen safety guidelines and safety specifications. 

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Product Group General

Procurement Optimisation

Managing transaction and procurement costs are a critical part of any business. Swagelok Central has the resources and experience in e-Procurement and transaction systems to ensure you cut unnecessary costs making your purchasing process simple and transparent. 

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Value Engineering

Supporting you to identify unnecessary costs and inefficiency in your fluid system. Swagelok Central provide recommendations for engineered solutions that ensure greater value and efficiency. Exploring conversions and design changes we have the resources and engineering expertise to evaluate  assess and deliver a solution. 

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Concept & Design Services Support Reliability & Predictive Maintenance

In this video you will see how Swagelok uses predictive maintenance for equipment productivity... 

Swagelok Central Services

Swagelok Central has a dedicated team of Field Engineers selected for their expertise in fluid systems. Our Field Engineers know your systems and are experienced in all fluid system applications – from high purity processes to the most demanding systems within industries such as chemical and refining processes, oil and gas, defence and power. We have the expertise to provide you with a range of services which will independently evaluate, assess and advise you about the capabilities of your fluid system against a best in class benchmark.

Evaluation & Advisory Services

Evaluation & Advisory Services

At Swagelok Bristol we provide comprehensive fluid system evaluation and advisory services...
Fabrication & Installation

Fabrication & Installation Services

Swagelok Bristol can manufacture and install assemblies, PRESS assemblies, manage implementation and more....
Asset Integrity

Asset Integrity Management

Swagelok Bristol can provide you with a complete audit and validation of project costs and improvements...