Swagelok Central UK can provide your business with a universal fabrication solution that suits your unique needs and specifications. Our team of industry-leading engineers will provide a complete assessment of your system and the custom solutions it requires.

Swagelok Orbital Welding Clean Room


Swagelok Central provides high quality assemblies at a reduced overall cost so that you can be sure that your system is functioning at peak efficiency without any unforeseen costs. All Swagelok Central Custom Solutions and Fabricated Assemblies are covered by our limited lifetime warranty. As we are surveying, fabricating, and installing our own products we are able to provide the best advice and industry-leading service for your business.

Swagelok Central Custom Solutions

First Steps

The first step in our Fabricated Assemblies Service is to conduct an onsite inspection with one of our experienced engineers. They will then assess the situation and what is required. Depending on your system’s needs the service required will be either a simple assembly or a more complex one with multiple components and experienced design and installation required. By providing an accurate and precise installation we can ensure a more efficient system and help you reduce parts and labour costs and ongoing maintenance.

To find out more about our Fabricated Assemblies Service or our PRESS Fabricated Assemblies Service call us on 0145428445 or email us